A Talk from 2011 on Swedish Catholicism

I am putting here on the blog a slightly revised version of a talk I gave on Long Island in 2011 on the Catholic Church in Sweden seen from the perspective of my own family. When I look at the text I see that the conclusion needs some more work, but I do not have that at present, so I leave it in it its present condition. Perhaps I will come back to it and develop it later, when life calms down (a pious wish perhaps).

Talk at Immaculate Conception Seminary October 2011_2015ver

Article ”The Ritual Person”

A chapter that I removed from my book Ritualization and Human Interiority before publication (2013) has now (2015) been published in India in the journal Anvikshiki (connected to the philosophy and religion department at BHU in Varanasi) as ”The Ritual Person”. At the time, I felt it necessary to deal in some length with the notion of ’person’ as a background for the discussion of interiorization, but decided to cut it out to make the book more focused. I have put the article here in XPS format as the journal is available only in print and not, to my knowledge, to any great extent spread outside of India.

Ritual Person