Religion as a human phenomenon

Here is an article that I published 2012 in an Indian journal. A Swedish version was published 2014 in:

SEGL: katolsk årsskrift for religion og samfunn, eds. Ståle Johannes Kristiansen & Peder K. Solberg: 301–310.


Religion as a human phenomenon vs. openness to transcendence


An issue hotly debated within religious studies due to its importance for the discipline’s identity and status, is the choice between, on the one hand, a study of religion as a purely natural phenomenon and, on the other hand, a perspective that not a priori rejects the truth claims of religious traditions concerning supernatural realities. In the following, I will discuss these two approaches and sketch a position of my own.

Some old paintings

I am just adding here some pictures of old paintings though I have to buy a polarization filter to take away the reflections. When I do I will post updated pictures.