The Death of a Teacher

My latest article in The European Conservative: a reflection on artificial intelligence and death.

”The new AI chatbot ChatGTP released upon the world last year has by now churned out millions of texts ranging from short Norwegian poems on existential angst to rows of code for computer games. It has even humorously advised someone to put up bounce castles at polling stations. Unsurprisingly, there is an ever-growing mass of words about its apocalyptic abilities—although some of those are in fact written by the bot itself.”

”Therefore, to dispel doubts about my humanity, I assure you that I’m not a robot and have not been using any artificial intelligence enhancing circuits. Only human editors have contributed to making this text intelligible and not too meandering—but I confess that my computer has, for good or ill, assisted me with continuous advice on English spelling and grammar. Despite this, I am fully responsible for any infelicitous phrasings; you will have to trust me on that.”

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